May 9 is Bike to School Day. Why Bike? Top Three Reasons to Bike in Gilroy

Why should you Bike?

1) For your Body: Biking helps increase circulation, improve balance, increase endurance and stamina, and burn unwanted calories when done safely with the proper safety equipment.  Use the bike lanes and be alert when you are sharing the road with others.
2) For your Mind: Biking can help reduce stress, increase oxygen to the brain and it is fun!  Many studies have linked increased academic achievement with students who are physically active.
3) For your Gilroy Community: Biking can help reduce your carbon footprint by using less gas.  You can also get to know your neighborhood and meet people you may not otherwise meet if you were in a car.
You are serving as a role model for healthy behaviors AND you can get to places more inexpensively as well.

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